The Day the world stood still : Brazil concedes 7 goals to Germany

I was rooting for Germany but I still believe in leaving your 
opponent with a little bit of dignity after winning.

The wind of change in football is sweeping across the globe.

Ghana is now the giant of Africa killing my soccer fanatic heart softly with this year's mediocre world cup performance

Columbia is demanding respect from the other South America teams.

America actually graduated out of their group and put on an outstanding performance against Belgium. still Europe, filled with 2nd and 3rd generation immigrants.

But 1 thing remains constant through it all.

I have always said that I admire the German Team for being the most consistently good and efficient football team in the world.

And today, they showed it to the world with this amazing defeat against Brazil.

Who ever joins them in the final (Netherlands or Argentina) should better be ready with a Plan A + B + C + D ........and a little bit of juju wouldn't hurt.

Black Girls Run - Sweat With Your Sole Festival

I'm in summer school doing two science courses in a crashing 6 weeks pace.

So for me the days have been flying. There are not enough hours to get everything done!

Eat. Work. Sleep. Repeat

But no matter how busy the days are, getting my run in is still a priority.

It's how I hold it all together.

Long runs are my brain storming sessions.

Shuttle sprints + hills are my "venting" and releasing all negative energies sessions.

So you see? I HAVE TO RUN

Speaking of running, am glad to announce that am going to be one of the new black girls run- Boston ambassadors.

I'm so honoured to have been selected for this role.
I look forward to learning, sharing and growing with all my fellow ladies who run not just in Boston but nation wide.

It's amazing what can happen in a year!

As with last year, BGR is having its 3rd annual race and conference weekend in Atlanta from September 4th - 7th 2014

There's a little bit of everything for everyone. A race, biking tour, wine tasting event, gala dinner and many other networking opportunities to meet like minded women who care about their health and fitness.

I fell in love with this organisation because of how it tries to rally our black communities to get serious about their health and fitness.

And it does so, not by listing text book data but by infiltrating neighborhoods across the US and organizing running groups led by ambassadors.

For more information about the festival and tickets discounts

World Cup 2014 Update : Álvaro Pereira head Injury

I'm not sure if he should be given the award for most passionate player or most irresponsible player of this world cup.

Image from the guardian

Or may be the second award should go to both the fifa regulations committee and the Uruguay coaching staff.

How do you allow a player to keep playing after he has been knocked out unconscious?!

How many players have died from sudden death syndrome and etc?
What's the point of having a sports medicine staff on the team?

Regardless of how Periera felt about his ability to keep playing, the coach should have pulled him off the field. The Fifa referee should have kept him off the field. The Fifa officials who were present in the game should have made sure the Uruguay management team kept him off the field until he received proper medical attention.

I can't even imagine the horror if things would have gone down hill after he continued playing.

That was a big irresponsible gamble by all parties involved.

 No world cup trophy is worth a player's life!