Time Square is over rated - Upstate New York

I recently traveled to upstate New York for a spring retreat. With Times Square and the bustling city life as my only previous experiences of the state, I was in for a surprise. 
The journey took me across Vermont, into a region filled with mountains,river falls and frozen lakes.

Everything was fresh-ER

The air smelled pure and cool 

The spring water from the mountains is drinkable      
The sky is clear & unclouded  by pollutants  and the stars are visible are night.

The endless roads with picturesque sceneries where ideal for therapeutic long distance runs.

Some of the places I visited included the Hague Community Center and Museum, North Hudson Buffalo Farm and the Up Yonda farm for a Maple Sugaring tour.

If you are looking for a quiet gateway to reconnect with nature ,
I recommend the quiet mountain towns.
Everything is so peacefully and still. 
Even the buffalo on the farms are so stoic. They moved so slowly and stood very still for long minutes. At first I thought they were statues and not the real deal.

A hill next to the Maple Syrup touring farm provides a breathtaking view of Lake George. Even the sun sets seems more beautiful than those in Boston. The frozen lakes, beaver damns and snowed in forests felt like scenes out of a Thomas Kinkade painting

Reconnecting with nature and getting rid of the noise that sometimes accompanies technology is very rewarding.  
Your inner voice becomes loud and clear. 

Your mind is in tune with your subconscious. Your thoughts become exposed and displayed out in an organised manner. This was my personal experience especially when I went running very early in the morning. I plan on returning to these parts of the state of New York and exploring more mountain towns and lakes.

Bit into a Healthy Lifestyle March 2015

March is a perfect month for celebrating living a healthy lifestyle. 

It's 2 months post new year resolutions and gives you a chance to re-evaluate 
how successful you've been.

For the month I decided to chronicle 
some of the food items I have been eating or 
purchasing at the grocery store.

I have cheat days when a piece of chocolate is 
to my happiness. 
As always, moderation is the key.

I also checked out some movies about nutrition from my local library. I recommend every one of these for anyone interested in learning more about what's really in the foods we eat here in the US. ***Disclaimer**** Can be pretty gross
  • Forks Over Knives
  • Food Inc
  • A Place at the Table (About poverty & hunger in the US)
  • Fed Up (not shown in the picture)

For more information about healthy eating habits check out

Running on the treadmill during Winter Season

For Valentine's day I completed the Black Girls Run virtual 2 mile race on the treadmill at my local YMCA.I wasnt looking forward to this challenge because I hate running indoors. Its mentally decapitating for me. I am an avid outdoor runner.

So, to endure the task, I decided to set the treadmill on a sprint interval training mode. This is better than running at zero percent incline because it doesn't accurately reflect outdoor terrain for completing races. Since my body requires 1 mile of running to "warm" up, the first 30 mins where just running at a 2% incline.

After warm up, my 45 minutes workout consisted of 2 minutes speed work at a speed of 5mph at 5% incline followed by a 2 mins slow pace at 3.5 mph with 3 % incline. Interval incline training not only takes the boredom out of running indoors but can greatly improve your speed. The next time you run a treadmill, resist the urge to leave it at a zero incline and challenge yourself to a higher level. 
Here is a picture of the bling I will be receiving.