Run Chat : Self Evaluation

Two days ago I went for an after work run to evaluate my preparation for a Thanks Giving Day Half Marathon.

My performance was depressing. It was a bad run day.

It felt like I may as well have been walking backwards or speed walking for the dismal pace of 12 mins a mile. This run made me take an honest look at how out of sync my fitness routine has become. Plagued with meeting deadlines this month, running has been pushed to the back burner.

I have also put on some weight ....and not muscle mass .

Posting this is a way for me to share with you all that not every workout is going to be perfect. The social media culture is one were people only post about their perfect successes, never mentioning their struggles. But Life does not work that way. We all struggle...daily.

 You are not going to beat your PR with every run. You are going to have bad days. Bad weeks. Bad months. But the bigger picture is over coming those obstacles and getting back into sync with your goals.

Black Girls Run Conference - Atlanta

As part of my summer vacation, I planned a trip to Atlanta for the Black Girls Run 2014 Sweat with Your Sole Conference.
I also registered for the 5k instead of the 10k because I was running with friends who were not good runners.

 This was my first time attending a BGR conference.
 I felt a little bit overwhelmed in a positive way at the sheer amount of black women who turned UP! for this conference. This validates that the message of health and fitness is being spread out  and people are listening to us.

 I was also surprised by how popular ALL the fitness classes offered where. Every class was filled up with people like me trying to get into them

There was a lot of networking opportunities to meet other members from different states.

I took a day off from BGR events and headed south of Atlanta to do a 5k at my former school Clayton State in preparation of the Sweat with Your Sole race.

I never forgot about Clayton's ninja geese who chase you around campus. But I had forgotten about the Campus's beautiful lakes.

It was nostalgic running on the same route we used on the women soccer team for the 12mins/2mile cooper test at the beginning of each season.


All in all, I had a great time at the conference and am looking forward to BGR 2015!

Peddocks Island

Over the summer the Boston Harbor Islands National Parks, in collaboration with South Shore SHAPE - UP, organised a free all day fitness event at Peddocks Island.

Even though I was on the Island for work, I still manged to have a good time and enjoy the activities

The events included a 1 mile jogging guided tour of the island, Zumba, Yoga, and many other classes for visitors to the island to try out.

 This is the perfect getaway for the nature and trails lovers. 

Am all for taking a moment out of our hectic lives and  spending 

some time in nature.

 There;s something about being surrounded by nature, pausing to 

admire and take in all the living things around you that is 

mind blowing.

When you come to the understanding that, No matter WHO YOU 

ARE and WHAT YOU DO, we will all come to pass and LIFE as 

we knew it will CONTINUE without us.

It makes you stop taking it for granted.

Admire how the creatures in the woods interact with one another.

Pause and think about the strong and mighty oak tree that was once just a small feeble seed.

No matter what you believe in, science, God, Nature......How can you not be in awe of the millions that things that go on following the circle of life